To celebrate Internationals Women's Day on 8th March, we've dedicated an entire week to hearing from some of the most influential and inspiring female voices that we've been fortunate to work with.

Celebrating their sports, their training and their unique takes on the wellness industry, with advice and practical tips for both the current crop and future generations of women in fitness.

Hollie Bottrill is a competitive Crossfit athlete, UK sales manager for an international brand and mother, who balances family life, work and training.

Here Hollie shares with us the most important lessons she learned as a new mum stepping back into the world of training.


Seek out advice from people who know what they are doing and what types of exercise are recommended at what stage postpartum. It’s a slow climb back to feeling fit after birth and you should try to return with as much knowledge and confidence as possible.



Don’t over do it, sleep deprivation can hit hard, especially in the early months and some days it’s better to listen to your body and rest! 



As a mum time feels more precious than ever, sometimes you are juggling friends, work and family and you may just not be able to fit it in the session you wanted to do.  Don’t let it derail you, pick it up another day.



Don’t compare yourself with people who’s lifestyle is massively different to yours, its the easiest way to you feel flat about your progress. There is only one of you.



Join in on classes, train with people who push you, make you laugh and inspire you! Sometimes you may want to give up and these people will help you keep going! CrossFit has been a great environment for me to do this, you’re always surrounded by people who will tell you, ‘YOU CAN DO THIS’.

When I first became pregnant I thought I may never be fit again or feel myself in my own skin. People would say ‘you’ll bounce back’ and I felt pressure to spring back to my pre baby body. It took time and patience but It is possible to be stronger and healthier after having children, moving forward physically and mentally. As a mum I feel the strongest I’ve ever felt inside and out.


March 10, 2022 — Team Bulldog

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