08/05/2021 | Jade Skillen

Jade is a UK-based professional OCR athlete, coach, a member of the Spartan Pro Team (and UK series winner), as well as an ambassador and competitor in the emerging and exciting sport of Hyrox.

Friend of Bulldog Gear Jade Skillen is no stranger to the pitfalls often faced by women in the fitness industry. Here she lays out her manifesto; a call to action for women everywhere, to follow their passion, challenge the norms and maximise their potential.


What do you think of when I use the term “Women's Fitness”? 

Tight yoga pants?

Small crop top? 

Immaculate sportswear? 

Bit ironic with the picture right? 

That was the idea.

Ok, we are talking “Fit look” here.. 

I’m talking about TRAINING? 

Jump squats & Glute work? 

A few KMs on the treadmill? 

A 10 Minute Core finisher on the Influencers App ..


I am not disputing any fitness. 

But my question is this.. 

Why can’t we “normalise” women pushing a sled 100m stacked up with weight?

Getting their hands in the chalk bucket?

Walking towards the lifting platform without judgement?

There is definitely progress.. 


People are stuck in the mindset that a woman showing physical strength is a strange phenomenon

Maybe because she is showing too much “masculinity”?

As a society, the acceptance that women in bigger, muscular bodies can be attractive & inspirational is thin on the ground. 

Nowadays, in the 21st century, we can explore masculine & feminine energy. It doesn’t have to be female & male ESPECIALLY not in training. 

There is a HUGE stigma around “fit women” ultimately wearing tight yoga pants, a skimpy sports bra with not an inch of sweat appearing during her training session.

Then typically we have the “ideal” that “fit men” should have bulging biceps, ripped chalky calluses & can perform 20 muscle ups in a row before deadlifting 2 x bodyweight...

But what happens when a woman trains in the same way? 

You hear comments such as “she trains like a man” , “you look too hench”, “why do you want to lift that much weight?”, “no man wants a woman that can lift more than him” 

Let me tell you something, there is beauty in diversity & if you’re a female in fitness, my advice to you is this... 




Pick up the atlas ball, get your hands in the chalk bucket, buy a sled. 

You do not have to fall into the “desired norm” of women in fitness. 

So many women become ‘cardio queens’ due to this fear, avoiding seeing their true potential through fear of not being “attractive”.