Following the release of the School of Calisthenics Rig, we are bringing you the inside scoop on everything about it.

From why it was created, to how it was made at the Bulldog HQ, to the exercises you should be doing with it.

So, why did David and Tim (School of Calisthenics) want to create their own rig? Find out in their own words...

The beauty of Calisthenics is that you don’t need much equipment at all. It’s bodyweight training at its heart – your body is the equipment. 

But then, some of the basic movements like pull ups and dips require a bar – and muscle ups and human flags require something more advanced to perform them.

It can be simple enough to get the pieces of kit like pull up bars, dip attachments and gymnastic rings – these end up taking a lot of space individually.

We wanted the School of Calisthenics Rig to be all encompassing, the one piece of kit with all the answers.

Everything is incorporated into one piece of kit, but not only this, Bulldog Gear allow for several attachments to transform the SOC Rig into a complete home gym solution.

We know how important stability is – the SOC Rig is versatile but it’s versatile with stability. When you have an 85kg person (Jacko – me!) doing a human flag on the handles on one side of the rig, you would think it would topple over – but no, it’s rock solid!

It’s accessible for all levels too, the rig will stay stable and you can keep adding to it as you progress. The dip attachment allows you to work on basics, such as the dips for beginners, while the more adventurous can opt for handstand press ups. 

As we travel a lot, we wanted the SOC to reflect that too. Not only is it portable and easy to assemble – but you can just loop a set of rings around the pull up bar and get a full body workout done anywhere.

While Calisthenics is the art of bodyweight movement – we also wanted the SOC Rig to be able to facilitate leg day. Back to the Rig’s versatility – J Pegs can be added, couple that with a barbell and you’ve got yourself a squat rack. 

There you have it – the one piece of kit with all the answers.

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