17/03/2022 | Andrew Tracey
Andrew Tracey is a long time collaborator with Bulldog Gear. A coach, writer and current fitness editor of Men’s Health Magazine, he has been in and around the fitness industry for the past 16 years. Having enjoyed and endured a number of disciplines from endurance racing, to strongman, to Crossfit AT enjoys getting neck deep in the practice just as much as the theory.

Whether you can’t make classes, have tried every programme under the sun or are just tired of meandering aimlessly around the gym to no effect, there comes a time in every trainees life when they decide to take ownership of their gym routine, and plot out their own workout plan.

Specific goals will a always require a specific approach, so for the purpose of this series we’re talking about the type of holistic cross training that helps you to feel better, look better and perform better.

In part one of this series we covered the various ways you can split your training over the course of a week, in part two we took a dive into the sets, reps and movement patterns that make up each session.

With this article we aim to fill your toolbox with a huge selection of movements that you can easily slot into the templates from parts one and two. This is by no means an exhaustive treatise on every exercise under the sun, but a formidable and accessible list to help you on your journey, wherever and however you train.

Use the 'movement matrix' below in conjunction with the split template that best suits your goals and lifestyle to create your own custom workout programme.



Andrew Tracey