Bulldog Gear - Plate Loaded Chest Supported T-Bar Row Machine

£1,195.00 GBP

The Bulldog Gear - Plate Loaded range has undergone extensive testing to provide users with human performance led, biomechanically tested designs that allow compound muscular movements to be performed with efficient ergonomic geometry that accurately replicates the movement patterns of the human body. 

All our machines are designed with movement in mind rather than isolating individual muscle groups. This helps your training in the gym to mimic movements in everyday life; ensuring training transferability and enhancing athletic development and performance.

Key Features of our Plate Loaded range Include: 

The main frames are made from 80 x 40mm RHS Steel which is CNC bent ensuring strength and safety -  Providing a rigid platform with no shaking during use. 

All moving arms are manufactured from 60 x 40 RHS using automatic tube bending to ensure there are no welds in the arm sub assemblies. 

Arms are able to move independently of each other allowing users to train each limb simultaneously or separately, with different weighted loads for each limb if required. Such as in a rehabilitation setting for example. 

Handles are solid 25mm diameter steel that are immersion coated for comfort and grip. They are designed for both horizontal / vertical grip to vary exercise and stimulus.

All machines feature ergonomic pads made with durable reconstituted foam and automotive grade upholstery including antibacterial resistant vinyl. 

High grade pillow block bearings provide smooth movement of machine arms when in use. 

Loading pins are satin chrome plated for increased durability. 

Additional Information:

Finish: Powder-Coated Black as standard

Dimensions: 112 x 115 x 197cm

Weight: 95kg

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