Bulldog Gear - Assisted Chin/Dip Machine 100kg Stack

£2,495.00 GBP

Our assisted Chin / Dip machine allows athletes and clients to progressively increase resistance in order for them to eventually perform strict pull ups and dips. 

In our view this is one of the best machines available for purchase as it allows for incremental decreases in assistance to help athletes recovering from injury or beginners to achieve rudimentary strength in basic, compound, body weight exercises.  

Alternatively it also great for calisthenic workouts where you can super-set exercises using the 80kg loadable pin weight-stack.

 Additional Information:

Finish: Powder-Coated Black as standard

Dimensions: 129 x 234 x 104cm

The Weight Stack Consists of 20x 10lb plates

Max User Weight Limit: 130Kg 

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