Bulldog Gear - Battle Ropes 38mm

£49.95 GBP

The Bulldog Gear Battle Ropes, the brute conditioning tool that now comes wrapped in a protective nylon case for prolonged lifespan.

3 length sizes are available (9m / 12.5m / 15m). These ropes are great for increasing aerobic and anaerobic work capacity as well as grip strength with their thick 38mm diameter. 

When you begin to train with the Bulldog Gear Battle Ropes, you may find that one side of the body moves differently than the other. It may generate a smaller wave, be more uncoordinated, etc. One of the benefits of battle rope training is that over time, these differences lessen as your body starts to balance itself out reducing the likelihood of injury.

Size and Weight Information: (Metres / Kilograms)

Rope - 9m long / 9kg

Rope - 12.5m long / 13kg

Rope - 15m long / 15kg

Additional Accessories Available:
Battle Rope Attachment


Please Note: Battle Rope Attachment is advised. Battle Rope must be anchored to a smooth round surface and not around the base of the rig.


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