Bulldog Gear - Dual Function Seated Shoulder Press/Chest Press Machine 100kg Stack

£2,795.00 GBP

Save gym space with Dual function

The Bulldog Gear Selectorised Dual Function Seated Shoulder Press/ Chest Press promises double the upper body gains at half the floor space.

The machine's 'dual function' provides optimum use of precious square footage, collapsing two popular muscle building machines into one, allowing you to complete both chest press and shoulder press movements, targeting your pecs, shoulders and triceps, with various adjustable angles.

Rated to a commercial standard this machine is built for the heavy duty usage expected in larger gym outfits, whilst being compact enough to fit comfortably in boutique or large home gym settins.

Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind

The ergonomic design, dual seating and adjustable starting positions help to ensure that the user can find the right range of motion for optimal movement, whatever their body shape. The intuitive pull pin design makes it effortless to adjust angles and switch between usages, meaning you can focus your efforts where they really count.


The machine boasts super smooth action thanks to a combination of high-endurance cables and an industrial grade pulley system, designed to reduce wear. This not only ensures an ultra smooth range of motion and high quality user experience, but also durability and longevity of components.


Engineered from high grade steel and precision welded

Signature hard wearing Bulldog Gear Matte black powder coat

Ergonomic, non slip grips and handles

Firm yet comfortable adjustable padded seat and back rest

Top quality high tension cables and wear resistant pulley system 

Safety panels around weight stack to minimise risk of injury

Dimensions: H165cm, W131cm, L196cm

Weight stack: 100kg

Total machine weight: 230kg

The weight stack consists of: 6x 10lb plates / 10x 15lb plates

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