Bulldog Gear - Vertical Storage Tower & Dumbbell Set 1-10kg

£650.00 GBP

The Bulldog Gear Vertical Dumbbell Storage Tower and Dumbbell set is the perfect space saving storage solution for any home gym or small commercial studio. 

Manufactured from 3mm and 5mm thick laser cut steel gives a heavy duty option compared to other cheaper market alternatives. Laser cut numbers allow for easy dumbbell placement and identification.

Our signature Bulldog Gear matte black powder coat give the expected top quality finish and protective rubber inserts on each Dumbbell storage hook.

Make the most of available floor space as this unit sits tidily flat to the wall. 

Stores 1-10kg hex db 2.0 in 1kg increments 

Sold as a set - Please note that this is sold as a full set and dumbbell weights cannot be swapped out.


Height - 151cm

Width - 48cm

Depth - 30cm