Bulldog Gear - Horizontal Toaster Rack Bumper Plate Storage v.2

£195.00 GBP

Moveable Bumper Plate Storage

The Bulldog Gear horizontal toaster rack v.2 is a compact storage solution for our Hybrid, Competition and Ballistic bumper plates.

Whether you need more bumper plate storage in your garage gym or strength & conditioning facility, our horizontal toaster rack provides a practical storage solution with a compact footprint - perfect for any training space.

Compact Gym Storage Solution

The toaster rack houses 9 plate dividers, giving you ample storage for your different types of plates including a full set of fractional plates from 0.5-2.5kg and pairs of bumper plates from 5-25kg . Maximum storage capacity is 175KG,

Manufactured from 16mm round bar for the dividers and a combination of 50 x 50 box section and 48.3mm diameter round tube for the main frame. With 75mm diameter nylon wheels and a 30mm diameter handle for easy manoeuvrability around the gym space.

Designed in the United Kingdom.

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