Bulldog Gear Nemesis Performance Rack

£4,995.00 GBP

The Nemesis Multi Functional Power Rack 3 in 1 : Integrated Power Rack, Dual Adjustable Pulley & Storage System.

Garage or Home Gym, University, Professional Sports Team or Military Strength & Conditioning Facility, the Nemesis Performance Rack delivers a robust, commercial & professional rack offering to meet you or your athletes training requirements regardless of your location.

The 2 front uprights are manufactured from 80 x 80 x 3mm Stainless Steel Box section with the remaining steel work being powdercoated using our super grippy signature Bulldog Matte Black powdercoat. Each upright has nitrogen laser cut numbered holes from 1-30 for easy barbell and pulley pop-pin placement.  The freestyle arms can be used for single or dual pushing and pulling movements with 35 options available to adjust the height with a smooth, seamless anodised aluminium pop pin selector. Because of the two independent pulley arms limbs can be exercised independently from two separate origins.

Featuring a squat bay, and two independent 120kg weight stacks with a multi-grip pull up station, this space-efficient design performs as both a power rack and a dual adjustable pulley machine, offering near limitless training options all within arms reach. Unilateral work for prehab and rehabilitation to assist with addressing athlete muscle imbalances  

The two independent 120kg cable columns, offer a variety of dual and single cable exercises such as cable crossover, cable fly's, lateral raises, pullovers, crunches, lat pull down, extensions, rows and curls. Banded resistance also available to add more variation and training stimulus 


The single handle on the cable column features a 180° swivel, and can be quickly adjusted across 35 different holes of 50mm increments using our unique  pull-pin system.

Two independent 120kg weight stacks with 5kg increments. 2 x steel laser cut protective shrouds and with guards and banded resistance attachments for dynamic loading. 2:1 Pulley Ratio.

Multi Grip pull up bar for chin ups, pull ups and neutral grip pull ups

8 x Weight horns with urethane wear resistance tp prevent wear and tear

1 x universal medicine Ball storage shelf and 3 x universal DB/ KB shelves

1 x Kettlebell tray insert provided, additional inserts can be purchases separately 

Space Efficient 

Maximize the training opportunity per square metre in your commercial or home training space more than any other system on the market. With high commercial rents and generally smaller home spaces than our American cousins across the pond Nemesis delivers a compact multifuntional training platform that packs a punch at a 91cm depth, 120cm wide and 243cm high. 


Functional solid Affordable 

 Easy to set-up and install with its modular components, this rack comes as standard with a pair of Mammoth Lite J-Pegs, Standard "Bulldog Black" powder coat and laser cut numbers on all 4 uprights.

  • Designed at Bulldog Gear HQ - Staffordshire, UK
  • Hybrid Manufacturing Supply Chain 
  • Uprights: 2.4m tall, 80 x 80 Box Section 3mm Wall
  • M16 Bolts and Fasteners
  • 1 x Pairs of Mammoth Lite J-Pegs with UHMW plastic inserts

Optional Accessories:

  • Pin-Pipe Safeties for Squats, Bench & Rack Pulls from any height
  • Band Pegs for additional resistance workouts
  • Mammoth Lite Dip Attachment
  • Mammoth Lite Spotter Arms
  • Mammoth Lite Battle Rope Attachment 
  • Band Pegs
  • Additional attachments and upgrades coming soon

Please note:

All optional extras are sold separately.

Unit must be secured to the floor.

Although floor fixings included, we advise that you seek the advice of an independent builder for the best fixing method.

Patent pending design.

 Registered Design: Number Pending

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