Bulldog Gear - Cable Pulley Tricep Rope Handle

£12.95 GBP

Maximise the use of you cable pulley machine/system with our Bulldog Gear Heavy Duty Tricep Rope Cable Attachment. It's the optimum attachment for targeting the triceps and getting the most out of your upper body workouts.

 Perfect for assistance movements such as tricep pressdowns and lat pulldowns; rehabilitative movements that may require a more stable range of motion and weighted abdominal exercises such as standing and kneeling crunches.

Great for a multitude of exercises such as tricep pushdowns, overhead tricep extensions, bicep curls/hammer Curls and face Pulls.

 Heavy Duty Tricep Rope:

- Made from Heavy duty braided nylon

- Universal attachment for use with standard carabiner clips

- Rubber grip ends


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