Bulldog Gear - Cable Pulley Grips Bundle

£150.00 GBP

Are you using your Cable Pulley Machine to its full potential?

Maximise the use of you cable pulley machine/system with our bundle of 4 cable grips and ankle straps. Our cable machines already have integrated clips for super easy attachment. Maximise the number of movements you are able to do with your cable pulley machine.

What are the benefits of multitude of Cable Pulley Attachments?

Having a range of cable pulley attachments vastly improves the versatility of your Cable Pulley machine. They provide a wide range of exercise options and offer the opportunity to specifically target specific muscle groups.

Whether you are looking to strengthen your upper body, core, or lower body, cable pulley attachments offer a multitude of exercises such as lat pulldowns, tricep pushdowns, cable curls, and cable squats. Additionally, these attachments enable you to perform functional movements and mimic real-life activities, making your workouts more practical and effective. 

Bundle Includes:

  • x1 Heavy Duty Tricep Rope made using braided nylon
  • x2 Ankle Attachment - 6mm neoprene 
  • x1 Straight Short Bar - L 505mm 
  • x1 Straight Long Bar -  L 785mm 
  • x1 Cambered Long Bar - L 780mm

Please note: This bundle does not include additional carabiner clips for attachment, if you already have a compatible Zero 2, Zero 1 or Nemesis Rack you will already have the clips required for attachment on your machine.

Specifications at a glance:

  • Universal attachment for use with standard carabiner clips.
  • Rubber anti slip coating to allow you to maintain grip even when sweaty.
  • Compatible with our Zero 1, Zero 2 & Nemesis Rack pulley systems. 

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