Bulldog 20kg Power Bar Satin Silver Chrome Shaft & Sleeves

£255.00 GBP

The Bulldog Gear Power Bar is one of our finest, precision-engineered bars we’ve designed this year. With a 216,000 psi tensile strength rating and a thicker shaft diameter of 29mm compared to a standard mens bar of 28mm. 

The bar features satin silver chromed sleeves and satin silver chrome shaft which is a reduces wear and tear compared to cheaper zinc plated barbells. 

Like all Bulldog barbells, our Power bar includes sleeves manufactured with a quality construction—This is significantly superior to the cheaply produced screwed in bolt style sleeves of some other low end brands.  

Furthermore, one of the key attributes that sets the Bulldog Power Bar apart from our competitors  is its friction welded sleeves. A technique often used in the automotive and aerospace industry.  The friction welding process creates a high quality, forged- bond, resulting in superior strength and fatigue resistance. To see the friction welding manufacturing process in action you can see one of our videos here 


  • 216000 PSI tensile strength
  • Capacity 800KGS
  • Weight: 20KG
  • Length: 2200mm
  • Diameter: 29MM
  • Loadable sleeve length: 412mm
  • Silver Satin Chrome  Sleeve and Bar shaft treatment for increased scratch resistance
  • 4  Bronze Bushings; 2 per sleeve
  • Centre knurl for back squats 
  • Single Power Lifting Knurl marks 
  • Aggressive knurl pitch for a tacky grip when deadlifting