Bulldog Gear - Cable Crossover Machine x2 100kg Stacks

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Highly versatile

The Bulldog Gear Cable Crossover machine is engineered to withstand the rigours of a commercial gym environment. It’s a highly versatile bit of kit, allowing you to do a whole host of push and pull exercises, like the standing chest press, chest fly, lat pull-downs, to name but a few. A Cable Crossover machine is a fantastic tool for training your body in different planes of motion, allowing you to safely work muscles and joints at different angles, whilst constantly challenging and stabilizing your core. Built in soft grip chin up handles allow you to train your chin ups in a multitude of grip positions to target and strengthen a broader range of muscle groups.

Built to last

The Bulldog Gear Cable Crossover’s heavy duty design ensures its suitability for any professional sport facility, and is an essential addition to any serious gym or fitness space.

Manufactured from top quality tubular steel with our signature Bulldog Gear matt black powder coat finish, it’s not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. From the laser cut numbering down to the metal plate pins, it’s the attention to detail that shows it’s built to last. 

Adjustability and comfort

The pulley handles are fully adjustable with 15 height selectors to choose from depending on exercise or athlete size. Specially designed hand grips make sure you are able to maintain a strong grip, without being too harsh on your hands. The heavy duty cables move smoothly and seamlessly, allowing you to fully focus on your workout without the worry of jolting.

Specifications at a glance:

H 233cm, W 384cm, D 73cm

X2 75kg weight stacks in 5kg increments

15 handle height adjustment options with laser cut numbers

Ergonomic pulley handles

Heavy duty, extra smooth cable system

Built in chin up handles

Signature matt black powder coat finish