Bulldog Gear - Competition Kettlebells

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Why choose Competition Kettlebells?

For any gym home or commercial, kettlebells are a staple. Their versatility makes them an absolute must have, regardless of your training goals. But which type of kettlebell is right for you?

In contrast to our Box Cast Iron Kettlebells, Competition Kettlebells have uniform sizing across the range, regardless of weight. This is great when practising more technical movements at lighter weight and gradually building weight. It feels more natural as each bell behaves in a similar way and the handle is the same.


Comp bells have a wider flatter base, which makes them a more stable option if you’re using them for push ups, or body weight supporting movements. Their bare steel handle offers gentle texture to ensure good grip with chalk, without being too abrasive on hands over high rep ranges.

Wrist chamfers enhance comfort when training by reducing pressure points on the wrists and forearms, especially over larger rep ranges.

Colour coded weight identification

The full range is offered in the internationally recognised Girevoy colour scheme and embossed branding and weight labels for quick and easy weight identification in a training or competition environment.

Product specifications

  • Gravity cast iron.
  • Width: 21cm
  • Height: 28cm
  • Depth: 21cm
  • Subtle stylish embossed branding 
  • Easy weight identification with Girevoy colour scheme.
  • Contoured faces for comfort when training.
  • Uniform bell size.

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Need a bit of Kettlebell workout inspiration?


'Hold Fast' is a downloadable training program designed to build strength, stability, power, and capacity utilising just one single kettlebell.
Consisting of 21 workouts (3 x per week for 7 weeks), it's constructed to test and challenge your abilities, whilst being deliberately designed and structured to create an effective training plan.
The kettlebell has infamously been used everywhere from the Russian military to Big Top Circus strongmen and is the ultimate tool for creating and displaying feats of great strength and ballistic power.
'Hold Fast' can be used as a stand-alone program or as a supplementary plan to run alongside your training.


Brought to you by Men's Health Senior Fitness Editor - Andrew Tracey...

'The Kettlebell Bodybuilding Manual' is an 8-week programme designed to utilise one piece of equipment to bias hypertrophy.


To bias hypertrophy (muscle gain)  by manipulating movement selection, volume, frequency, and intensity.

Taking an implement (the kettlebell) is traditionally seen as a tool for strength and conditioning and optimising its usage for body composition improvements.


To help you get very, very swole, using just a pair of Kettlebells and your bodyweight, in as little time as possible.

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