Bulldog Gear - Double Wall Ball Target Rig Attachment

£120.00 GBP

Cater to the height of all your athletes with the Double Wall Ball Target.

Completed with the finish of the Bulldog Gear, the Double Wall Ball Target offers a space to complete 'Wall Balls' while presenting your rig to the highest standard.

Bolts on at the required height to bring those wall balls up to competition standards. 

Selecting the correct variant for your rig

Please be sure to check you have selected the correct product variant, this Wall Ball Target rig attachment is available in 3 sizes to cater for the different dimensions of the upright box section in our rig range:

Bulldog Series -  75mm x 50mm Box Section With 18mm - 2 x M16 X 90MM Bolts are supplied with this variant.

Mammoth Lite - 80mm x 80mm Box Section With 18mm holes - 2 x M16 X 130MM Bolts are supplied with this variant.