Bulldog Gear - Fireteam Container Gym


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Perfect for outdoor training, our portable Fireteam container gym can be fully customized depending on what your or your organisations needs are. 

With 4 inbuilt folding racks manufactured from modular 80 x 80 Box section with adjustable pull up bar heights. 

Our Fire team container gym Includes the following equipment but can also be shipped with minimal equipment if required. 

4 x 20KG Olympic Bars 

8 Pairs of 5KG Hybird Bumper Plates

8 Pairs of 10KG Hybrid Bumper Plates

4 Pairs of 15KG Hybrid Bumper Plates

4 Pairs of 20KG Hybrid Bumper Plates

4 sets of 1.25 & 2.5kg Fractionals

4 sets of Spring Collars

4  sets of Kettlebells 4-24kg in 4kg increments

4 x Dip Attachments 

2 x Hex/ Trap Bars

4 x 45, 55, 65Kg Atlas Balls  

4 x Drag Sleds with Sled Straps & Karabiner

4 sets of resistance bands 

4 x Mobility Rollers

1 x Interval Timer

4 X Endless Rope Trainers (For climbing rope stimulus)

4 x Flat Benches. 

Key Features Include:

  • Portable. All our stations can be moved or transported easily. 
  • Perfect for Outdoor. Our stations are durable for all weather conditions.  Customisation. You can customise your station with any color, logo, attachment, add-ons or accessories you desire. Custom internal-external fit out. 
  • Easy to setup and use. Depending on the model, set up takes only between 3 to 45 minutes. Some stations don’t even require tools!
  •  Profitable. The station can be placed in any open area to train any one in an innovative way.
  •  Tactical.Air-Land-Sea-Military deployable.