Bulldog Gear - Box Basic GHD

£695.00 GBP

The Bulldog Gear - Box GHD Machine is our entry level GHD.

The Glute-Ham Developer is packed with features and affordable for gyms, PT studios and garage gyms alike. Fully adjustable and equipped to remain steady, the   Box GHD is a great tool to strengthen the hamstring and glutes in ways that are functional and focus on core to extremity muscle recruitment.

The updated model now comes with a overhauled dual pin locking mechanism; creating a more stable foot plate and ankle support when performing explosive movements. Upgraded with  a hardened steel barrel and aluminium pop pin the adjustment mechanisms have significantly increased durability. 

Furthermore, the Box GHD now has solid urethane foot rollers which are much more robust than upholstered foot rollers, reducing wear and tear and the half moon pads feature an upgraded recon foam vinyl. 

For gyms looking for all-accomodating equipment, the latest GHD model now houses a central weight stacker as well, allowing additional weight to be added for more stability. 

Regardless of whether you are performing GHD back extensions, sit ups or hip extensions, it's a fantastic machine to develop midline core strength at an affordable price.

Product Footprint: 95cm x 179cm