Heavy Metcon - Rhoddy Davies

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 Heavy Metcon - Rhoddy Davies | 30 DAY TRAINING PROGRAMME

With a full-time job outside of fitness and a family, Rhoddy specialises in creating workouts that give you the biggest return on your investment in both strength and conditioning in the smallest time frame.

Combining traditional strongman, classic bodybuilding and CrossFit style metabolic conditioning, Rhoddy's workouts are designed to create all-around, capable humans in less than an hour a day.

Following on from the FREE taster programme 'Heavy Metcon 5', this 30-day  programme takes training back to its most raw and effective form. Rhoddy has deliberately kept the kit list short, and workouts simple - with only the most basic equipment needed.

"Heavy Metcon is something that grew organically over several years, due to my lifestyle and time constraints. This program has been based on limited kit - Kettlebells, Sandbags, and a Metabolic piece of equipment. The movements are simple and the concept is simple. Lift Heavy, Carry Heavy, and Breath Heavy."


  • 30 Days of Workouts - Including Rest Days
  • Coach Notes
  • Glossary

Kit List
Substitute in Dumbbells or a Barbell where necessary. If you have access to Farmers Handles, sub out Kettlebells and use these for carries. Go Heavy.
Substitute for an Atlas Ball, Atlas Stone or perform traditional Barbell variations where necessary.
Use any piece of conditioning equipment - Rower/Bike Erg/Airbike/Ski Erg. Substitute in running, or jump rope and adjust distances/calories accordingly, where necessary. For running to 'calorie' conversions, substitute 10m of sprinting for each calorie.

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