Bulldog Gear - S1 Spin Bike

£995.00 GBP

The S1 Spin Bike is the perfect studio or home gym belt driven spin bike. 

The drive of your bike is the element that connects the flywheel and the pedals together. Typically there are chain driven but a belt driven bike offers a number of advantages.

What are the advantages of a belt driven bike over a chain driven bike?

A Belt Drive Mechanism is a belt that connects your pedals to the wheels to keep your flywheel moving. The belt makes for a very smooth and almost silent ride. The belt is very low maintenance and does not require lubrication and you rarely have to replace it with a new belt. 

The S1 has a 9 settings for resistance using a magnetic resistance system in order to change your exercise effort level as required. 


The Seat has 25 levels of  adjustment for the height and can be adjusted forward and back in 5 different positions. 

Handlebar is plastic dipped. 

Manual Braking system 

Max user weight 110Kgs

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