Bulldog Gear - Dual Function Leg Press / Calf Extension Machine 100kg Stack

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The Bulldog Gear Leg Press & Calf Extension Machine is part of our premium Dual-Selectorised range. The primary purpose of which is to utilise floor space in facilities and be as space efficient as possible. All of our Selectorised machines are first class in terms of function, style and build quality.

Manufactured with high quality materials and engineered with smooth mechanical sliders. With the machine’s signature Bulldog Gear Matte Black powder coat and stainless steel structural accents it brings together functionality and sleek modern design. 

Designed to suit all athlete body types

The Bulldog Gear Leg Press Machine comes with a 100kg weight stack, split into 5 kg increments allowing users to scale workouts accordingly. A High density padded seat offers comfort and support for users and is able to absorb consistent pressure - the seat track ensures that the machine can be adjusted to suit gym users of any height and limb length.

Ergonomic handles with non-slip grips are angled to allow  a comfortable wrist position while Leg Pressing. The footplate has a small tilt and gripped surface to best accommodate natural ankle movement, reduce unnecessary tension and prevent slipping. The width of the plate allows for the adoption of a range of foot placements during workouts to effectively target a range of different muscle groups like adductors, glutes, hamstrings and quadricep muscles.

Smooth pulley action

The Machine boasts a super smooth action thanks to high-endurance cables through a pulley system designed to reduce wear. This ensures a clean movement for the user but also the longevity of the machine and its components. 

Specifications at a glance

Engineered from high grade steel and precision welded

Signature Bulldog Gear Matte black powder coat

100kg Weight Stack 

L1740mm x W1060mm x H1660mm 

255kg total machine weight

Ergonomic grips and handles

Comfortable angled seat with adjustable slider

Top quality cables and wear resistant pulley system 

Safety panels around weight stack to minimise risk of injury