Bulldog Gear - Open Hex Bar

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Why Choose and Open Hex Bar?

A huge advantage of the Open Hex Bar is the neutral grip. This is easier on the joints and provides a stronger grip than a double-overhand pronated grip with a straight bar.

Many coaches also argue dead lifting on an open hex bar is more functional as your are more likely to lift in this manner in real life, hence mimicking real life movement, whilst reducing stress on the lower back.

Open Hex Bar Product Features

Our Open Hex Bar features built in dead lift jacks to allow easy loading and unloading of the bar. In addition, because it is open it allows for increased range of motion. Athletes can therefore perform farmers walks and walking lunges without a rear cross-member hindering movement of their legs. 

It also has 30mm and 50mm diameter knurled handles that are 135mm long. The knurling provides additional grip and the 50mm diameter handles allows an athlete to develop their forearm strength and muscle recruitment.  They can also super-set on reps using the 50mm diameter grips and then dropping down to the 30mm grips once the forearms are fatigued, allowing for increased volume in a training session.

Product specifications at a glance:

385mm long Satin Chromed loadable sleeves for increased abrasion resistance. 

50mm diameter Olympic sleeves compatible with spring collars or dog collars. 

30kg in Weight

214cm in Length

Max Weight Capacity of 700KG


Shipping a delivery information:

Please note our Open hex bar ships as 2 separate parcels to allow for safe delivery, these boxes may get separated in transit so please be patient. Please allow at least 3 working days after receipt of your first parcel before raising with our customer service team.