Bulldog Gear - Plate Loaded Cable Pulley System

£89.95 GBP

The Bulldog Gear - Plate Loaded Cable Pulley System is the perfect, cost effective solution for adding cable exercises to your exercise repertoire without investing in bulky, standalone machines.

With a simple ‘strap and go system’, you can quickly transform your rig, rack or pull-up bar into a cable station; loading with your existing weight plates.

Perfect for assistance movements such as tricep pressdowns and lat pulldowns; rehabilitative movements that may require a more stable range of motion and weighted abdominal exercises such as standing and kneeling crunches.

Easily packed away for storage, the Bulldog Gear Cable Pulley System is the perfect choice for home gyms, compact fitness spaces or Crossfit boxes looking to add to their movement toolbox, without breaking the bank or taking up dozens of square feet of floor space.


Loading pin - loadable length: 350mm

25mm soft handle: 510mm long

5mm cable: 1.9m long

3 x carabiner

1 x nylon strap for over bar

Aluminium pulley wheel


Other attachments such as tricep ropes, long bars and cambered bars are backwards compatible with the pulley system using the provided carabiners.