Bulldog Gear - Resistance Bands

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Resistance Bands - The Ultimate gym bag essential.

Bulldog Gear Resistance Bands are great for a number of resistance and assistance exercises, mobility work and Westside methods of training. 

You can use our bands for assisted pull ups, dips and deltoid work but to name a few. Resistance bands are a great way to open up new scaling and progression options.

For more information on how to use resistance bands and why they are useful in your training, Ross Edgley provides further insight here. 

Product Specifications:

Made of 100% seamless latex, these bands are incredibly strong. 

Bands sold as individuals.

Bands are 104cm (41 inches) long with variable resistance:

  • Red band - 1.27cm (1/2Inch) wide with a resistance of 2-16KG
  • Black band - 1.9cm (3/4Inch) wide with a resistance of 5-23KG
  • Purple band - 3cm (1 1/8 inches) wide with a resistance of 10-35 KG
  • Green band - 4.45cm (1 3/4 inches) wide with a resistance of 20-55 KG
  • Blue band - 6.35cm (2 1/2 inches) wide with a resistance of 25-70 KG

Need some Resistance Band inspiration?

Our bands are featured and recommended in the Independents article on the best 10 home gym equipment items.  

Check out our blog for more info on how to implement Resistance Bands into your training with guides, tips, hints and hacks. 

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Lucy specialises is a Personal Trainer who just 3 years ago was 30kg heavier and had never stepped foot in a gym, she's now on a mission to help others achieve their goals and resistance bands are high on her list of workout equipment essentials. Check the video below to hear her thoughts - 13.08



Our Bulldog Gear Resistance Bands are £5.55 to ship as individual bands or £7.50 for a set of three to UK mainland only. If you add other items to your order, shipping cost may increase. If you have any concerns regarding shipping cost of multiple, large or Concept 2 items please contact customer services directly. Alternatively you can collect directly from our Staffordshire warehouse - this will need to pre arranged via customer service.