Bulldog Gear - Safety Squat Bar 2.0

£174.95 GBP

The primary purpose of the Bulldog Gear Safety Squat Bar is to strain and alleviates pressure on the shoulders & wrists. Thick padded shoulder rests ensure comfort while the use of handles prevent stress on areas that can be immobile, such as wrists.

Training with the bar can include front squat, back squats, good mornings and walking lunges – using the Safety Squat Bar will transfer strength to these moves on a regular barbell.

The benefits of squatting with a Safety Bar range from strengthening the back to increasing flexibility to maximising recovery.

Weighs 21KG with a chrome finish and a maximum load of 300kg. It is 2.19m long with a maximum loadable distance on each sleeve length of 325mm

 For use with all Olympic 2" / 50.8mm weights.

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