Bulldog Gear - Sissy Squat Bench

£150.00 GBP

The Bulldog Gear Sissy Squat Bench is designed to comfortably support the shin and lower leg in a vertical position to perform free standing squats. Sissy squats are great for strengthening the quadriceps, working hip flexors, developing core strength and improving balance. The seat pad height and shin pad are fully padded and adjustable, allowing you to find the optimal position, regardless of athlete height and build. With the bulk of the bench's weight sitting in its base, you can be sure it won’t tip or lean, giving a rock solid foundation so you can concentrate on your workout.

 Why are Sissy Squat Benches great for building strong quads and glutes?

Compared to a barbell squat, the sissy squat isolates the quads by excluding the glutes when the exercise is performed, placing less stress on other muscles and joints, compared to other traditional quad building exercises. It’s also a great tool for identifying and improving imbalances in the anterior and posterior chain. 

 Once you’ve mastered the bodyweight sissy squat, you can start adding extra weight using your free hands to hold a medicine ball, a plate, or even a barbell - so for minimal floor space you get a very versatile and scalable piece of kit.


  • Fully adjustable calf pad & shin pads
  • Thick padded cushions for improved comfort
  • Large anti slip foot plate
  • Max user weight:
  • Unit weight: 
  • Overall dimensions -
    • Height: 592mm
    • Width: 450mm
    • Depth: 1161mm

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