Bulldog Gear - Slam Ball

£23.00 GBP

Bulldog Gear Slam Balls are designed for slamming from above your head into the ground - this low cost slam ball is a great conditioning tool that gives great bang for the buck; for use at home or at the gym.

The concept of the slam ball is simple. You pick the ball above your head, then launch it into the floor. It's soft and absorbent, so won't bounce back up.

It's an intense workout for the entire body, especially working the core if you throw it enough times.

Our Slam Balls are also great for lateral side throws and rebound work to develop your torso and trunk strength. Each ball is 9 inches in diameter and has a sweat resistance textured surface to enhance your grip during a workout. 

Our Slam Balls were featured in GQ Magazines "How to build your own portable gym" click below to read more. 



Please Note: 6 Month Warranty. If your Slam Ball fails within that time span, you can send us its shell and we'll send you a new ball.

Warranty against failure does not cover any ball which has been damaged due to negligent or faulty use, or alteration by the user. International customers will be responsible for replacement shipping.


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