Bulldog Gear - 3 in 1 Soft Plyometric Jump Box

£245.00 GBP

The Bulldog Gear – Soft Plyobox offers the same versatility as our 3 in 1 wooden boxes, but with added durability and protective features. 

Comprising of the 3 standard heights – 20” / 24” / 30”, the box is a fantastic tool for a range of movements and exercises including:

  • Plyometric’s – box jumps
  • Scaled exercises – press ups to a box
  • Cues – Box Squats & Squatting to depth.

The height markings are displayed on the box for easy visual recognition of what height the user is jumping to - valuable for beginners in particular.

The box is made from ultra dense foam and wrapped in a robust vinyl, weighing in at 18kg. This is hugely beneficial as it is resistant to the same day-to-day usage of a standard box, but unlike the wooden variant, dirt and chalk is easily wiped away for a cleaner box.

Its cushioned qualities also reduce the risk of injury during repetitive jumping exercises. This can help to remove some of the anxiety often associated with box jumps.