Bulldog Gear - Speed Weight Sled

£55.00 GBP

The Bulldog Gear Speed Weight Sled is a cost-effective and space-saving training solution for athletes of all skill levels. Perfect for the garden gym, training down the park, for small group boot camp sessions or team sport strength and conditioning sessions.

The sled can be used to perform a number of compound exercises to generate all round physical preparedness such as: forward and backward sled drags, rows and presses. This is a highly versatile and portable training  tool that can rolled up and popped in a car boot or rucksack after a training session.

Comfort isn't compromised thanks to the firm foam handles at each end that ensure a secure grip.

Safe for use on grass, carpet, astroturf or rubber flooring. Our speed sled is not intended for use on abrasive surfaces such as concrete due to potential damage to the fabric.

- Dimensions: 50.8cm" x 55.8cm"
- Handle Dimensions: 5cm x 280cm
- Sled Weight: 1KG.
- Capacity: Fits up to 5x 25 KG Hybrid bumper plates

***Weights not included ***

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