Bulldog Gear - Strongman Sandbag

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A Sandbag designed with durability in mind.

Whether you're in the gym, back garden or the great outdoors – the Strongman Sandbag 2.0 is made from 1000D Cordura with a secure built-in filler bag, meaning it will last longer than other sandbag options on the market. 

Bulldog Gear Strongman Sandbag seal

Sandbag product features:

  • Colour coded embroidery to differentiate between weights.
  • Large heavy duty outer hook and loop patch for strong seal.
  • Premium YKK zip.
  • Inner hook and loop webbing.
  • Military spec cordura to minimise risk of tears and holes.
  • 3 ply poly propylene stitching for long lasting durability.

What are the benefits of training with a Strongman Sandbag?

"Sandbag lifting is less technical than traditional lifting. This is a great plus point for less experienced people who come into a gym/box. One of the major benefits of using a sandbag is posterior chain development – everyone knows that a strong posterior chain equals a strong person. It allows you to simultaneously integrate
 conditioning and strength 
training." - Rhoddy Davies, Read more on our blog HERE.

Sandbag bodybag - small budget, big gains

Gym Hacks - Scaling up your sandbag workouts.

If you’re looking to economise or perhaps don’t have the space for multiple sandbags as your strength increases, a great option to elicit progressive resistance is to start with the largest bag(s) you have designs on lifting, completely fill it with mulch, pick a metric to monitor for progress, and as your strength increases steadily remove some of the mulch, replacing it with heavier sand.

Continue in this fashion, adapting to the new stimulus and increasing the load, until eventually your bag is completely sand filled, and you’ve hit your goal of total sandbag mastery - check out more of our Gym Hacks on our YouTube Channel and blog.

Please Note:

  • Strongman Sandbags should not be loaded over the prescribed weight. Use scales to ensure you have not overloaded the bags.
  • Do not use pebbles, gravel or any other aggregate material.
  • Bags are designed to endure being dropped and not to be slammed.

Sand is not provided for this product - this must be purchased separately from your local hardware store.

Sandbag sizing:

All sizes of Strongman Sandbag have a diameter of 40cm but differ in seam length (height of the sandbag top to bottom). Please note that depending on what you fill the Sandbag with, it may not be completely full when filled to the specified weight. 

  • 20kg - seam length 10cm
  • 30kg - seam length 14cm
  • 40kg - seam length 20cm
  • 50kg - seem length 26cm
  • 60kg - seam length 31cm
  • 70kg - seam length 37cm
  • 80kg - seam length 40cm
  • 85kg - seam length 44cm
  • 90kg - seam length 43cm
  • 100kg - seam length 48cm
  • 110kg - seam length 54cm
  • 130kg - seam length 57cm