Bulldog Gear - Weight Sled Harness

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Designed & Manufactured in the United Kingdom the Bulldog Gear Weight Sled Harness is one-size-fits-all with 75mm wide webbing on the shoulders to help reduce bruising and marks from heavy sled pulls by spreading the weight across the shoulders. 

All Eyelets and karabiners are zinc plated steel for added durability versus plastic components used on other harnesses out in the market.

Each harness comes with a 3m long pulling strap that can be clipped on to the front or back of the harness and the sled. 

The Sled harness is also machine washable so that you can keep it smelling fresh after sweaty sled sessions.

It is advised that you place the harness in an old pillow case to machine wash. Alternatively, the Sled Harness can be hand washed.