Bulldog Gear - 20kg Adjustable Weight Vest

£115.00 GBP

The Bulldog Gear 20KG Weight Vest includes removable solid metal 1kg weights, that fit securely into 18 pockets on the front and back of the vest. This allows complete flexibility on your choice of weight depending on your workout or needs. Manufactured to fit the torso ergonomically for a snug and secure fit that hugs close to your body whether you're running or working out in the box.

Why use a Weight Vest?

If you have a solid base in bodyweight movements in your workouts, a weighted vest is a great way to step up your training and challenge yourself to incrementally improve your training - perhaps you're working towards a training goal (yes Murph we see you) or just looking to increase endurance, strength and build muscle. Weight vests can seem a bit intimidating at first, but in reality they are incredibly versatile when implemented suitably into your training. Weight vest for running are a fabulous tool for building speed and endurance.

Need a bit of Weight Vest workout inspiration?

We know it can hard to know where to start when it comes to weighted vests, which is why we came up with the Bulldog Challenge, designed to give you a clear goal to work towards with weekly workouts building up to a final challenge, all fully scalable. Find out how Andrew Tracey got on with the workout on his weekly Bulldog Gear Challenge training blog on YouTube


Which Weight Vest is right for you?

Men's Health senior fitness editor, Andrew Tracey walks us through the differences between Bulldog Gear's incremental weight vest and tactical weight vest, ensuring you find the best vest for your training needs. If you need even more info take a look at our blog for product insights, training guides, gym hacks, home or commercial gym inspiration and of course our podcast.

As featured on Lucy Lismore's Youtube Channel

Lucy was looking to update her equipment with a heavy duty weighted vest for calisthenics with a nice aesthetic as she doesn't have a large gym space had does the majority of workouts at home in her flat. Check out the video below to see the build process and Lucy's thoughts on our adjustable 20kg Weight Vest for her Calisthenics training - time stamp 10.20

Please Note:

The Hook and loop strap fastenings are subject to a 3 month warranty, the general wear and tear of these fastenings are not covered in the standard warranty of the product. We advise that you store the vest laid flat so the shoulders or straps are not stored under tension. If you do need replacement straps these are available to buy separately so you don't have to replace the whole vest. Always make sure to dry your vest properly after workouts to ensure the longevity of fabric and stitching. 

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