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Wooden Gymnastic Rings 2.0

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Bulldog Gear Wooden Gymnastic Rings 2.0 are great for bodyweight exercises including ring muscle ups, dips, pull ups, ring rows, iron crosses, ring tucks, skin the cats and more.

The rings are made from sustainably sourced Birch wood in Staffordshire, helping to give you a natural grip even when sweat takes over.

Each strap is tested to over 400kg and consists of a 4.5m x 38mm webbing and a cam buckle for easy height adjustment. 

The functionality of these rings don't have to stay in the gym, they are a must for a portable gym user and can be taken anywhere, set up on tree branches or goals posts for a quick body weight workout.  

The Bulldog Gear wooden rings are also great for pre-hab and rehabiliation work by increasing muscular recruitment of your shoulder stabilisers. 

Rings are 28mm in Diameter

 As Featured in GQ Magazine

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