Whether you’re new to training, looking to kit out a home gym, or opening a fitness facility that’s going to need some seriously commercial grade hardware- Bulldog Gear is the right place for you.

That being said, when it comes to picking a barbell, even once you’ve decided to shop with us- you’ve still got some decisions to make.

The barbell is the quintessential tool of weight training- perhaps only superseded by the humble dumbbell- but unlike the dumbbell there are a lot of options when it comes to picking the right bar.

Let’s run you through some of our offerings, so you can make the right decision for your needs.


Box Barbell 2.0

Our ‘do it all’ barbell, designed to service everyone from serious weightlifters, to functional fitness fanatics, to home gym bodybuilders looking for a reliable tool to squat and press some heavy iron.

The Box Bar 2.0 is available in both a 7ft / 20kg variety, as well as a 6ft / 15kg offering. Both boast a sleek, black shaft at 28mm and 25mm in diameter respectively. The shaft has our signature high quality knurling, however the centre of the barbell has been left clear and smooth, perfect for olympic lifting.

With a tensile strength rating of 240,000, you’ll run out of room on the sleeves before you’re at any risk of breaking or bending the Box Barbell, a claim we’ll back up with a lifetime warranty.

If you’re after a great value, ‘all rounder’ barbell that will still take you all of the way to the platform, the Box Barbell is the one for you.

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Cerakote Barbell

The best looking bar on this list by far, but the cerakote barbell has a serious list of credentials that proves it’s for more than just show.

Available in the same varieties as the Box Barbell (7ft/20kg/28m and 6ft/15kg/25mm), the shaft of each bar is treated with a thin ceramic coating that offers a selection of long lasting vibrant colour whilst the sleeves are plated with a black hardened chrome which results in increased abrasion resistance.

But they don’t just look pretty, cerakote ceramic coating is a technique the military and firearms manufacturers have been using for years to protect against corrosion- the same protection you’ll benefit from with the cerakote barbell.

In terms of performance, each friction welded sleeve has 5 needle roller bearings creating that smooth, but incredibly fast rotation that can make all the difference when it comes to ballistic lifts such as the clean and snatch.

Once again our signature ‘passive/ aggressive’ knurling is the perfect balance between optimal grip and not shredding your hands, whilst the smooth, unknurled centre is ideal for any trainee who has to regularly hold their barbell in the front rack position.

If you’re looking for a candy coated bar that will stand out in any rack whilst also taking your training to the next level, the Cerakote Barbell is not to be missed.

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Power Bar

The Bulldog Gear Power Bar has been painstakingly designed to level up your powerlifting training. With an incredible tensile strength of 219’000 Psi and a thicker, heavy duty 29mm shaft this barbell is perfect tool for squatting and benching heavy, as well as everything in between.

The bar features satin silver chromed sleeves and satin silver chrome shaft which is a major upgrade on cheaper zinc plated bars, helping to reduce wear and tear.

You can expect our signature high grade knurling, with the inclusion of centre knurling, ideal for additional grip during heavy back squats, as well as the single power lifting knurl marks you can expect to find in competition.

Each sleeve has 2 bronze bushings, perfect for slower, more controlled lifts such as the bench press.

Our manufacturing process also utilises ‘friction welding’, a technique often used in the automotive and aerospace industry to create a high quality, forged- bond, resulting in superior strength and fatigue resistance, even after years of heavy usage.

If big bench presses and heavy squats are on your agenda, the Power Bar is for you.

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Deadlift Bar

The Bulldog Gear Deadlift Bar has been precision engineered with just one goal in mind— to give you the greatest deadlifting experience of your life.

Featuring a heavy duty weight capacity of 800kg, a thinner shaft diameter of 27mm compared to standard diameters of 28-32mm, as well as a longer overall length of almost 2.3m. This combination creates a bar that’s optimised for grip and allows for more maximum weight plates to be loaded on each side, whilst also working within powerlifting federation standards— ideal for those looking to take to the platform.

A far cry from cheaply produced screwed in bolt style sleeves utilised by low end brands, the Deadlift Bar once again uses friction welded to ensure your training sessions can be heavy, hard and consistent, even as the years tick on.

Whether you’re looking to break deadlifting records, after the perfect accompaniment to our Power Bar or just looking for a bar that’s built for a heavy weight life-style— the Deadlift Bar is your answer.

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Shorty bar

The Bulldog Gear Shorty Bar is our response to our customers looking to save as much space as possible, without giving up on quality. A compact, 175cm reimagining of our much loved Cerakote barbell, the Shorty Bar is the perfect solution for garage gyms, small fitness facilities or anyone looking to operate competitions with maximum participants on the floor.

Weighing in at 15.85kg, once again each friction welded sleeve has 5 needle roller bearings creating that smooth, but incredibly fast rotation that can make all the difference when it comes to ballistic lifts such as the clean and snatch.

You can expect the same build quality as the full-sized cerakote barbell including the hard-wearing ceramic coating, friction welded sleeves and knurling that provides the perfect balance between optimal grip and not shredding your hands.

If space is an issue, but you’re not willing to compromise on quality, the Shorty Bar is an incredibly innovative solution.

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Team Bulldog