Also known as a ‘trap bar’. Hex bars were initially designed to allow powerlifters and weightlifters to continue training pulls from the floor whilst suffering from lower back injuries.

Positioning yourself inside of the centre of mass, in contrast to a traditional deadlift where the barbell sits in front of your shins, allows you a greater degree of flexion at the knees, a greater ability to keep your torso upright and helps you to drive through the legs, mitigating lower back involvement whilst increasing quadricep development. This alone makes the hex bar a worthy inclusion in any trainees arsenal if their goals include longevity and injury reduction, whilst still moving some serious weight.

Our Open Hex Bar features built in deadlift jacks to allow easy loading and unloading of the bar, whilst the removal of the back section of the bar allows trainees to perform unobstructed farmers carries, walking lunges and split legged movements that would otherwise be impossible using a fully enclosed hex bar.

Featuring both 30mm and 50mm diameter knurled handles at 135mm long, our signature knurling provides the perfect level of grip whilst the 50mm diameter handles allows athletes to develop their grip and forearm strength whilst also aiding in muscle recruitment via the ‘irradiation effect’, wherein muscles are forced to work harder, if muscles around them are also coming into play; in this case- the need for a firmer, tighter grip helps to fire up the rest of the muscles involved in the lift.

The 385mm long loadable sleeves are Satin Chromed for increased abrasion resistance, and are 50mm in diameter making them compatible with standard olympic plates, spring loaded collars and dog collars.

With an unloaded weight of 30kg, the Open Hex isn’t too heavy to manoeuvre around a gym space, but with a max weight capacity of 700KG- it’s no lightweight either.

Built for heavy performance, and built to last- The Open Hex Bar has quickly become an absolutely necessary piece of kit in every trainees inventory.

Watch the video below for more details, or head to the product page.

Team Bulldog