When you take your training outdoor, you unlock a lot of new possibilities for yourself.

Of course, it is possible to reach physical and mental limits when training inside a gym - but there is something special about training in the great outdoors.

The demands of the elements and the mental capacity required in an unpredictable environment can completely change a workout.

Earlier this year we explored Sean Kayode’s approach to his personal training business and own training plan. Stating that he always felt more comfortable outside, he wanted to build a custom rig that would unlock all the workouts he could do in a gym, right in his back garden.

Since the episode of the Home Gym Series went live, the demand for his take on the Perseverance Rig became so high that we have made this configuration into a product and readily available to purchase.

We've aptly named it - The Perseverance Rig XL

It begs the questions, though, why would you choose one rig instead of the other?

Fundamentally, they are the same product. But the right Perseverance Rig for you is completely dependent on the space you have to work with and ultimately, your training goals.

Height and Width

The main differences are found within the dimensions.

While the original Perseverance is a ‘Bulldog Series’ (75mm x 50mm box section), its XL counterpart is Mammoth Lite (80mm x 80mm) - which means that the thicker version offers a little more stability. This is a feature that would benefit those looking to perform frequent rigorous exercises such as kipping/butterfly pull ups and muscle ups.

Additionally, the total height of the upright is 1.15m taller which unlocks more challenging workouts, relative to the size and ability of the athlete.

The Perseverance Rig is 3.65m while the Perseverance Rig XL sits at 4.5m.

For Sean Kayode, the extra height of his rig played a crucial role in buying his garden rig, as he required a piece of equipment that would allow him to challenge himself and grow into. Specifically, he uses this set up for rope climbs.


The benefit of using ‘Mammoth Lite’ box section is that the XL Rig remains compatible with ‘Bulldog Series’ cross-members and therefore, some accessories.

The accessories are for movements that you’d usually keep inside the gym’s walls, but with the Perseverance Rig, we want to give athletes the option to train however they want, wherever they want.

Click here to view the accessories available.


It’s not all about looks, of course, functionality is the primary concern. But let’s be honest, it is also a bit about how your rig looks - particularly if it’s going to be in your back garden!

The thicker box section and commanding 4.5m uprights ensures the Perseverance Rig XL can’t be ignored.

In terms of colour, you’ll either have the classic Bulldog Gear powder coat - which is a textured, black paint. Bulldog Gear products come like this as standard, it’s easy on the eye and durable over time.

If you want to weatherproof your rig against the elements, there is the option to galvanise - which will leave a silver colour.

Click here if you want to learn more about the differences in finishing your rig.


In summary, the Perserverance XL rig is a result of demand - if you want to take your training to the next level and you require more height and additional stability to do so, this is the rig for you.

If this isn’t your goal and perhaps this rig is too big for you, we stock a lot more options to kit out your home and make it the perfect training environment for you.

Team Bulldog


Just wondering if the uprights on the Perserverance XL rig could be sprayed nato green and all cross members stay black, if so how much extra.

— Craig