‘Exercise Rebellion’ is the product of relentless hard work and plenty of risks. Sean Kayode was a maths teacher for a number of years but spent his mornings and evenings building a personal training business.

Just over a year ago, he made the bold decision to make Exercise Rebellion his 9-5, yet he works hours way beyond this. Hence, the risky decision to install a custom Perseverance Rig into his back garden.

The outdoors has always been important to Sean, so much that he has built ‘Exercise Rebellion’ around this philosophy. Which is why he opted for his home gym set-up to be outside, rather than indoors.

Sean approached Bulldog Gear after seeing other home set ups. However, he was looking for something specific to him and his clients. Running group classes every week, he wanted something that would allow anywhere up to seven people to train at the same time. 

We took our perseverance rig and gave it more height for rope climbs, but also to give room for Exercise Rebellion to grow over the years. The rig is completely galvanised which means it can outlast any test that the British weather throws at it.

Sean’s outdoor gym, has not only given Exercise Rebellion a competitive edge, but there’s a benefit to his family life too. See Sean look after his twins on the rig while he works on his strength below.

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Sean Kayode Kit List:

Customised Perseverance Rig (Galvanised)

Hybrid Bumpers

- 5kg 

- 10kg

- 15kg

- 20kg

Axle Bar (Galvanised)

Strongman Sandbags

Polyhemp Climbing Rope (4.5m)

Bold Apps


How much is this rig? Would like it to include monkey bars?

— Karen Walker

What does he use for storage of his equipment such as bars and bumpers, overnight or when not in use

— Jay