Craig Richey doesn’t require any introductions having made a name for himself creating CrossFit content on YouTube – but Bulldog Gear are proud to present his home gym.

In the first video of our Home Gym Series, we spotlight the Bulldog Gear athlete and delve into all things relating to his home gym.

To cover all angles of Craig Richey’s home gym and lifestyle, Bulldog Gear are bringing you three videos…


Creative Director - Ian Thomas quizzes Craig on why he wanted a home gym

What’s in Craig’s Gym?

Overview video detailing all the equipment that Craig uses in his garage to make himself the athlete he is.

Craig’s Training Plan

Craig talks us through a week in the life of a full-time athlete – and where the home gym comes in.

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When are you having your Bulldog gear available in Australia? we need your gear lol, keep up the great work guys, and we also need your HSTL. merch too Craig lol… oh oh and NOCCO haha

— Novak Brennan