There is an exponential growth in the number of people who are switching commercial gyms for the functional fitness lifestyle. Alongside this movement, another training space is evolving – the home gym. 

Gone are the days of long commutes and inconvenient class times. Say hello to open gym, always.

The home gym phenomenon is responsible for individuals, from a whole host of different backgrounds, exporting fitness from the gym into their garages, kitchens and gardens. 

It makes sense – a cheaper, more flexible approach to training where you can fit in accessories, short workouts or long chippers whenever you choose. 

For the elite athlete, the fit family or the professional with no time, there is no prescribed way to set up your training oasis – and that’s where we come in.


Introducing the Bulldog Gear Home Gym Series…


Delivering concepts, spaces and case studies to help you build the perfect home gym space.

In this series, the Bulldog team will delve into the world of home gyms visiting everywhere from Craig Richey’s renowned garage gym – a small space that packs a punch - to an outdoor Personal Training space, featuring a weatherproof rig.

From an ex-serviceman’s half training/half living approach to a new homeowner with no time for classes. 

Along the way, we plan to get to know you too. If you have a Bulldog Gear home gym space– we want to hear from you.


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I currently seeking quotes to build a home gym.

Ideally I would require a suitable rig that would provide the option to carry out pull-ups/muscle-ups whilst also providing an option to hold weights (I.e. squats)

Also I would be interested in packages to include 20kg barbell package with weights

Rower and assault bike

Would you be able to provide equipment to the above request? Would you guys have pre developed package options as standard? Also shipping would be required for Ireland?

Looking forward to your response.

Cillian McMahon

— Cillian Mcmahon