10 months ago, Nick Smith and his family moved into a new home. Outside, there is a double garage which would be great for storing 17-years worth of memories - but not for the Smith family.

Since last August, the family have been shaping their garage into somewhere to store their house clutter, but above all, somewhere that they can train as a family.

Moving home presented Nick with the perfect opportunity to transform their home into a gym but the inspiration came from working 22-years in the police, where shifts are long and erratic and Nick’s fitness levels slipped. 

He refuses to get back to the point of being unfit again, and now he is inspiring the next generation of Smiths with the garage.

His two daughters, Jess and Abby, will go into the gym to work out with their dad. Nick remembers when they used to not be interested and would rather play computer games, but most of all loves the extra family time it gives them.

Watch the video to hear all about Nick’s journey to build his dream gym, how he trains with his family and what bits of kit he picked up along the way. 

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