Sean Kayode named his Personal Training business ‘Exercise Rebellion’. It seems a fitting name when you consider the route he took to get where he is now.

Always interested in fitness, Sean was a semi-professional footballer turned coach. Having worked with West Ham, Barnet and Millwall Lionesses - it was time for a change.

After studying for a degree in Computer Science, Sean went on to work as a teacher.

So, why does he have a huge rig at home?

Alongside teaching, Sean began studying at Birmingham University for his Masters in Sports Science, and personal training at the local gym.

Now…Exercise Rebellion is his job. He can work from home because everything he has is right in his back garden. Giving him more flexibility in his work and time for his one-year old twins.

Stay tuned to find out all about this unique garden set up and learn more about ‘Exercise Rebellion.’

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