So far in the Home Gym Series, Craig Richey has talked through his motivation for getting a home gym and his best advice to those looking to set their own up.

But have you ever wondered what the YouTuber has in his own garage?


As Craig told us in his Q+A, building a garage gym is not an overnight task. This garage gym has been on a 12-month evolution to where it is now – something that Craig can use to work on all aspects of his training, anytime he wants.

With that in mind, we’ve taken this training paradise and broken it down into categories:



Mammoth Lite Folding Rack (Short)



Ballistic Jerk Blocks

Bulldog Bar – 15kg

Bulldog Bar – 20kg

Dog Collars 2.0

Hybrid Bumper Plates

Standard Fractional Plates

Weight Lifting Belt



Air Bike

Concept 2 Rower

Concept 2 Ski Erg 



Buffalo Plyobox

Competition Kettlebells

Hex Dumbbells

Medicine Ball 2.0

Weight Vest



Ab Mat

Dip Belt 2.0

Grandfather Clocks

Wooden Gymnastic Rings 2.0



Atlas Ball – 45kg

Dog Collars 1.9

Mini Farmer’s Walk Handles

Scimitar Sled




2 Bar Vertical Gun Rack

2 Tier Short Storage System

Bumper Stacker





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Next up in the series: Craig’s home gym training.

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