Bulldog Gear - Coloured Precision Micro Change Plates Set 0.25kg-1kg

£65.00 GBP

Fractional Plates are a great way to incrementally load weight safely and responsibly. Smaller weight increments allow you to push past those mental barriers and training plateaus that come without and intermediate weight step. Smaller weight increments allow you to gradually increase your strength and build up without the pressure of big jumps in weight.


Our Micro Fractional plates are sold as a 5Kg Set consisting of:

 1 x Pair of 0.25kg 

1 x Pair of 0.5kg 

1 x Pair of 0.75kg

1 x Pair of 1.0kg 


Product specification:

Diameter: 108mm 


0.25kg - 5mm - White

0.5kg - 10mm - Blue

0.75kg - 15mm - Red

1.0kg - 20mm - Black

Compatible with all Olympic 2" Barbells and Dumbbells