Bulldog Gear - Zero 2 Dual Adjustable Cable Pulley Machine x 2 50kg Stacks

£1,795.00 GBP
Ensure constant progression and maximum output with 2 x 50kg independent weight stacks in 2.5kg increments.
Save space with 19cm protrusion from wall 1m x 0.5m footprint.
Single or dual pulley good for imbalances
Good for drop sets because of 26 height variations and anodises pull pin selector

Space saving doesn't mean compromising on quality

The Zero 2 has been designed to be the most compact and streamlined dual cable pulley machine on the market; protruding from the wall by only 19cm. It is an ideal addition to a home gym or smaller PT studio where space is at a premium and design aesthetics are a consideration.

The freestyle arms can be used for single or dual pushing and pulling movements with 26 options available to adjust the height with a smooth, seamless anodised aluminium pop pin selector. Because of the two independent pulley arms limbs can be exercised independently from two separate origins.

It is great for pre and rehabilitation accessory work as well as compound unilateral exercises to aid athletes and clients who are addressing muscle imbalances.



Delivery drivers are not able to help move or carry this item onto your property, this includes onto your drive, garden or into your home or garage. The Zero 2 is delivered securely packaged in a wooden transport crate - the total weight of this crate and the Zero 2 is a boxed weight of 200kg. We advise that this item is at least a 4 person lift with suitable lifting straps and that you have previously planned the install space and how to get there. Heavy duty sack barrows, roller crow bars or furniture sliders are also useful equipment to have to hand during installation. 


This item arrives boxed with a full scale template board to ensure that all wall fixtures and fittings are drilled and fitted correctly. When choosing a suitable space for your Zero 2 we advise checking that your wall and floor is level and doesn't have any protruding areas that may prevent your Cable Pulley Machine from sitting flush to the wall or tip the machine in any way. 

Please note: this item does not come with Wall Fixtures

 Registered Design - 6100194 


Product specifications at a glance:
The ratio for the Zero 2 is 2:1.
2 x 110LBS / 50 KG Independent Weight Stack
This item must be fixed to the wall - We advise checking with a professional if you are unsure of your chosen wall's suitability.
Width: 101cm
Height: 198cm
Depth: 30cm

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Slimline Cable Pulley System made easy as 1, 2, 3

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Simple Installation

Each machine comes with an easy to use template to help you properly line up your anchor points without running the risk of damaging your Cable Pulley machine. Although obviously heavy our team has designed this machine to be simple to safely install within a home gym environment.

Highly versatile

With 50kg of available weight in 2.5kg increments you can be sure you are always pushing for that extra rep or pushing to your limit with drop sets. Whether you're looking to target specific muscle groups, push the workout or work on your rehab or prehab, the Zero 2 is a highly versatile training tool.

No need to compromise on floor space

We get it, floorspace is valuable real estate in any gym, you want to make sure that the kit you choose gives you the best bang for your buck. With a footprint of only 110cm x 30cm the Zero 2 is the most slimline cable pulley machine available on the market.

Incremental training

2 x 50kg Weight stacks in 2.5kg increments

minimal footprint

110cm x 19cm footprint sitting almost flush to your wall.

Single or dual pulley systems

With independent weight stacks you have the option of both single or dual arm exercises.

26 different height variations

Fully adjustable side rails maximise versatility of your Cable Pulley machine.

built to last

We pride ourselves on our build quality - our Zero 2 was initially designed to cater for home gym requirements - to allow our customers to maximise available space. But this machine is just as at home in commercial spaces, thanks to its heavy duty, durable design.










Don't just take our word for it...

★★★★★ - Adam Burgess

"The machine is slim strong and smooth to use, I’m very happy with it"

★★★★★ - Daniel Cummings

"Perfect product for any home gym. Range of quality exercises this offer takes some beating in the sleek design."

★★★★★ - Callum Cadney-Moon

"Honestly, a fantastic piece of equipment. I’ve only just installed at my home gym / PT Studio, and it’s already my favourite piece of equipment for myself and my clients."


Does it come with extras?

The Zero 2 comes with two gripped handles as standard, but these are interchangeable with other pulley attachments which are available separately.

What is the returns policy?

Obviously as a large and very heavy item returns can be a bit of a process! If you notice damage to your Cable Pulley on delivery please don't remove from the box and contact customer service as soon as possible. If an item is faulty due to a manufacturing error we will collect and replace your machine. If you decide you simply no longer want the item or damage it during installation the customer is liable to cover the cost of return.

How long does it take to ship?

We aim to dispatch your item within 3-5 working days - but it's usually dispatched quicker than this. Our courier will then contact you to arrange delivery at a time/date suitable for you.

Get serious and level up your training with the Zero 2

The Zero 2 is the perfect edition to any space to evolve your training techniques.