School of Calisthenics Rig: Why?

School of Calisthenics Rig: Why?

Why did David and Tim (School of Calisthenics) want to create their own rig?
March 09, 2018 — Bold Apps


Combining our knowledge and experience, we have been able to bring the first British Made Calisthenics Rig to the market.
March 02, 2018 — Bold Apps
The Home Gym Series Introducing: Craig Richey

The Home Gym Series Introducing: Craig Richey

Craig Richey doesn’t require any introductions having made a name for himself creating CrossFit content on YouTube – but Bulldog Gear are proud to present his home gym.
February 08, 2018 — Bold Apps

The Home Gym: Say Hello to Open Gym, always

Introducing the Home Gym Series...
Delivering concepts, spaces and case studies to help you build the perfect home gym space.

The Blueprint for Mainstream - Boutique meets Functional Fitness

The first of the Bulldog Gear affiliate gym tour takes us to Fit Missions - Bakewell. A different approach that could be the blueprint for functional fitness meets boutique?

30 Marathons, 30 Days: Running - The Skill

On the back of running 30 Marathons in 30 Days in his kitchen on the Trueform Treadmill, Bulldog Gear Ambassador and Adventure Athlete Ross Edgley talks us through the 'Skill of Running' and his analysis of his latest challenge.
March 27, 2017 — Ross Edgley
JR2 Jump Rope - Best of British

JR2 Jump Rope - Best of British

The JR2 Jump Rope... The first in house – British made jump rope to roll out of the Bulldog Gear factory, Staffordshire, Great Britain.

Investing in any product opens up a plethora of decisions and with so many jump ropes on the market, which one do you pick?

March 20, 2017 — Team Bulldog

British Made - Olympic Barbell // Behind the Barbell - Friction Welding

Our British Made – Olympic Weight Lifting Barbell is due for release this coming spring ’17 and in the build up to its unveiling, we’ll be releasing a series of short videos and articles that will explain why buying British and buying Bulldog may be the best investment you make.

First up, we looks at Friction Welding used in the production of our barbell sleeves.

February 10, 2017 — Team Bulldog
30 Marathons, 30 Breakfasts, 30 Days

30 Marathons, 30 Breakfasts, 30 Days

Our resident athlete adventurer - Ross Edgley is attempting to run 30 marathons, in 30 days, on the Bulldog Gear - Trueform treadmill in his kitchen whilst he taste-tests 30 different breakfasts to see which comes out on top.

How to maintain your barbell

Have you had your bars for over 6months in a heavy use environment, with lots of sweaty clients and chalk flying around everywhere? Here we briefly talk through how to maintain your bars and keep them rotating like the day they left our factory.
September 02, 2016 — Team Bulldog

The Benefits of Olympic Lifting

Olympic lifting has never received mainstream recognition. Feared and revered it’s thought to be a specialist training protocol of the giant iron monsters that used to dwell being the Iron Curtain. But studies show embracing this ancient practice could be the best thing you do in your training this year.
January 29, 2015 — Ross Edgley

Ballistic Bumper Plate Review

Apart from being easy on the eyes the new Bullddog Gear flecked ballistic bumper plates are a great piece of kit. They come with individual color coded flecks so you can easily identify what plates are on the bar which isn’t so easy with all black bumpers. They are engineered in Britain and made of recycled rubber which makes the durability of the plates outstanding. 

December 30, 2014 — Bold Apps